26 June 2009

Michael Jackson: hitting the jackpot

What's the use ? If there would be a 'Michael Jackson' company on the stock market, today it would climb on the top. After reading this news from Fox News, you should be definitely amazed.
How much money are being shared between so many unknown persons and a lot of these people are criticizing Michael Jackson for his suspicions related to pedophile relations. That is worse: to fill your pocket with money from a person's death, whom actually you are detesting. Take a look at some 'quotes':

The King of Pop held seven of the top 10 album downloads on Apple's iTunes store Friday morning, including the top five spots. In Amazon.com's CD section, the top 15 sellers were by Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5.
And that is only for some stores on the internet. What about all the news that surrounds the world and with them the ads ?!

19 June 2009

Patrick Dempsey - the commercial product

Patrick Dempsey is an interesting figure. Some people know him from the TV series 'Grey's Anatomy' and other people seen Versace's ads (see image below).
Now he is again in the front page of newspapers for his anticipated participation in the Le Mans race. I'm pretty sure that he will become a very expensive 'product'
for mass-media in the next period of time. Just think about the whole image: fast car + famous fashion brand + movie star. What does it makes ? A good commercial.
Patrick Dempsey