26 July 2008

Tell me everything you knol

Knol and Wikipedia rivals
On 23rd of July Google has launched its knowledge service called 'Knol' which is highly anticipated as a wikipedia alternative. The question is what this 'Knol' thing could do better ? I give it a try and I've published my first knol, which is about widgets. Here is my first impression.


  • Monetize: adsense feature. Your account is revised by Google and you might benefit of the adsense feature.
  • Big opportunity for people who bring high quality content on the internet, but have no idea how to monetize it. This is an exceptional opportunity for people who doesn't know what is ' SEO '. Here you can add the ready-made pages.
  • Well targeted ads. As a page will be cleaner and resumed on a subject it will benefit of well targeted ads
  • Search engine submission.

  • Opened for anyone, spammer or not.
  • Another tool for SEO masters.
  • Sometimes confusing. There is knol feature that lets knol authors to describe themselves. I have searched on Knol for 'google' and in the search results I have found a Google employee. First I've thought that it was a spam, but actually was that feature.
  • Probably one of the most important, no advice on plagiarism

Now, here is something from wikipedia, a statement of Danny Sullivan - chief editor at Search Engine Land:

Google’s goal of making Knol pages easy to find on search engines could conflict with its need to remain unbiased.

Also from wikipedia, Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy said:
At the end of the day, there's a fundamental conflict between the business Google is in and its social goals. What you're seeing here, slowly, is Google embracing an advertising-driven model, in which money will have a greater impact on what people have ready access to.

22 July 2008

X - Files: I Want To Believe

X Files: I Want To Believe
Just two days from now till X Files: I Want To Believe will reach the screens and the frenzy have begun on the Internet. It will be a surprise ? The series were impressing, but the last screen movie wasn't what was expected to be. Mulder and Scully were fighting against a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth. It was a little bit far from the series and that was maybe because it had to be more than an episode. But this time... you figure it out. There are more trailers for the movie, and I chose the one below. In one of these trailers was a funny scene between Mulder and Scully which reminds me more of Jackie Chan's movies where most of the time the characters were fighting, but in a particular scene they look 'intelligent' too.

"We want to believe in the audience"
By David Duchovny

21 July 2008

Legally Blonde The Musical

Bailey Hanks
MTV's "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods" star is Bailey Hanks (birth name Bailey Noel Hanks) and is Elle Woods in the series. She performed in some school and community production in Wizard of Oz and Gypsy, but now she got on a bigger scene as Elle Woods. She is known also as the winner of Miss Liberty Teen 2005.

Hanks is contracted to appear in Blonde for six months and hasn't determined whether she'll resume her studies after her run. She would be tempted by another Broadway offer, particularly if it were her "second favorite" role: Wicked's Glinda, created by Kristin Chenoweth. "I really relate, because she's bubbly and blonde. And short." For now, she's focusing on doing Elle justice: "I have some big pink pumps to fill."
Source:USA Today

For many people Bailey Hanks is shining brighter than Miley Cyrus. Maybe Miley is more controversial than shining. Below is a collection of videos with Bailey Hanks

16 July 2008

Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake
In the past few days, "Wolf Lake" was in the attention of the media for two events. First is the Fish Fest which should take place this weekend and is highly anticipated. For who doesn't know or is too lazy to search, Wolf Lake is in Michigan. The second is that this city was hit earlier by a tornado. Is true that the tornado didn't hit too bad, so I guess that this would be (almost)free advertising . Here is a crop from a message that talks about the fish fest:

It’s that time of year again when you can take the kids down to the ol’ fishin’ hole for a chance at reeling in a steelhead trout or possibly a muskie. The Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery will celebrate its 9th Annual Fish Festival this weekend with a full-scale celebration.
Source:Kalamazoo Weekly

And here is the other crop, about the tornado:
The Butler and Wolf Lake areas reported rotation at 4:26 pm, with hail at Wolf Lake. A tornado was spotted 3 miles northwest of Wolf Lake.
Source:The Frazee Forum

Ok, is true, the two news are not related, because the second refers to a different 'Wolf Lake', but it wasn't that a weird relation between the cities ?! Lucky ones, does people from Pitcairn Island (which are about 50) because they own their Fish Fest every day and they have their own tornado (a while ago, Pitcairn Island was also on the front news, read more here).Even more, they have a prison there, so why not Pitcairn Island ?!

14 July 2008

Remote Area Medical

tooth extraction at Remote Area Medical clinic   Looks like a good news for at least of a few cities around Blount County The US insurance issues are popular around the world just like its military power. Although  is a good news, this organization shows how desperate is the medical system in US.

" Remote Area Medical (RAM) -- an organization that provides free medical services for un- and under-insured individuals through volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from all over the country -- held a free clinic in Blount County Saturday and today. The group offered free medical, vision and dental services for people who could not afford them otherwise.
People from as far away as Kentucky -- and some even farther than that -- made their way to the clinic Saturday. "

(PHOTO)Dr. Andy Young, from University of Tennessee Medical Center, prepares a patient for a tooth extraction Saturday at Heritage Middle School during the Remote Area Medical clinic.

Source: The Daily Times

10 July 2008

Max Payne The Movie - trailer

Payne & Redemption - this is the title of the movie based on the successful game 'Max Payne'. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis (below) and of course other.

Mila Kunis
Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a DEA agent (Wahlberg) whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin (Kunis) out to avenge her sister's death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation. Plot from IMDB

The bullet holes were rubies on her chest, blood glowing on her ivory skin. She was so beautiful. The killer was smiling.

by: Max Payne

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03 July 2008

Chris Snyder fracture...

chris snyder

This is something what a male doesn't wish at all. I didn't thought that this is possible, either. I was thinking at "broken" instead of "fractured".

Chris Snyder placed on disabled list with testicular fracture.

The Diamondbacks placed outfielder Eric Byrnes and catcher Chris Snyder on the 15-day disabled list. Byrnes is out with a strained left hamstring, Snyder with a left testicular fracture. For Byrnes, the move comes eight days after he came off the DL, where he spent a month with injuries to both hamstrings. Snyder left Monday night's game after being hit in the groin area by a foul tip and underwent an MRI on Tuesday. Source: Chicago Tribune

“Which is preferable? It depends on who you ask here.”

by: Chris Snyder

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02 July 2008

Look at Junior The Cat

The cat that needs to think again what is wrong about in the world. Found on Digg / toplinks / today. It might be a guru...

Look at Junior The Cat - Watch more free videos