18 February 2009

Gilles Bensimon, suffering of marital disorder

Today, the name on the web surfer's finger thumb is "Gilles Bensimon". "The Real Housewives of New York City", the TV series evaluated as a "crap" by the IMDB users, brings in a new person, Kelly Jean Killoren Bensimon, the third wife of the famous fashion fotographer Gilles Bensimon. Kelly is among others the founder of Elle Accessories and was a model also for Elle. The name of Gilles Bensimon is "hot" today because his name is also associated with another famous model, Elle Macpherson (his second wife). So, everybody wants to know who is this guy who was married with these top models.
fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon
Gilles Bensimon, the photographer, the genius of fashion, the man suffering of "marital disorder"

I would like to dedicate this article to one of my carpenters, who looks quite similar to Gilles Bensimon.

In the end I would like to suggest you a iGoogle gadget related to fashion, which you can find it below. Grab it if you like it