30 December 2008

Eartha Kitt - Good bye Santa Baby

old vinyl disc cover

What if you would know when you will die ? Let's say that you are a singer and you have a great hit called 'Santa Baby'. Soon after you have collected the awards, the applauses and the money, you find out that you will die on the Christmas day. Isn't this weird ?
How will be to sing every year for hundreds of times the song about the day when you will die ?! Is true that in the case of Eartha Kitt it wasn't so, but still is a fantastic coincidence. This year Santa came with surprises to Kitt. Santa had a hidden hatchet in his bag.
Probably Santa came each year with a bag full of surprises to Eartha, but this year he had enough. Or maybe he sent her in a better place...
Don't you feel a bitter taste after reading these nice lyrics of 'Santa Baby' and knowing that Eartha Kitt died on the Christmas Day?! (scroll down to watch an old video recording with this song)

Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree, For me.
been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, a 54 convertible too,
Light blue.
I'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good,
If you'll check off my Christmas list,

Santa baby, I wanna yacht,
And really that's not a lot,
Been an angel all year,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa honey, there's one thing I really do need,
The deed
To a platinum mine,
Santa honey, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex,
And checks.
Sign your 'X' on the line,
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's,
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me,

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
A ring.
I don't mean on the phone,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry, tonight.

23 December 2008

Porque tan serio ?

wanna be a hero ?

While thinking at Tina Fey's scar, I remembered about Heath Ledger's fantastic act in Dark Knight, in the joker's role and his explanation for his scars. I'm not fooled easily by movie scenes, but he got me bad. At his first statement I was convinced about his scars, but after seing the second statement I felt like I was one of his victims.
In one month from now will take place '2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards' and Heath Ledger is nominated for 'Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role'. I didn't even bother to check who can defeat him, but who will be defeated: Josh Brolin for Milk, Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder, Philip Seymour Hoffman for Doubt and Dev Patel for Slumdog Millionaire. Why will Heath Leger win ? Because he made history in movies with his act in 'Dark Knight' and because the awards are taking place at one year from Ledger's death.
In the above photo you can see Che Guevara saying 'Porque tan serio', which in english means, as you probably guessed, 'Why so serious', the line that stepped into history just like Godfather's famous scenes. I'm sure that Heath Ledger did not intend to become a hero, but the events made him the role-model of our generation. He died right after finishing a succesful movie and he couldn't taste the victory; that is drama and is real. So now you understand the smile from Che Guevara's face. Actually 'Heath Ledger' was searched 7 times more than 'Che Guevara' on the internet in 2008 (according to google trends).
In the video below you can see the scene where Heaath Ledger is filmed so close, that you can see every move of his eyebrow and his tongue in details. Such scenes are rare these days, because the actor or the actress must perform very well in order to be filmed that close.

becoming a hero

08 December 2008

Tina Fey's scar

Tina Fey's famous scar

ABC's host Barbara Walters had revealed her '10 Most Fascinating People' list a few days ago. Among those fascinating people we find Tina Fey, a strong woman, which will be the cover for the Vanity Fair magazine in 2009 January issue. She got famous for her career, but it was interesting how she succeeded to pass over her cheek's scar and still have the front page of the newspapers, magazines and tv channels. On VF she is titled as 'American Sweetheart'. I agree that she struggled a lot, but let's not to exaggerate. Is like putting a lion on the list of the most beautiful kitties of the year or something. The mystery of her scar will stay hidden for a while. She was quoted in New York Times as saying:

It's a childhood injury that was kind of grim. And it kind of bums my parents out for me to talk about it

but in Vanity Fair in the interview, Jeff Richmond said something different,

It was in, like, the front yard of her house, and somebody just came up, and she just thought somebody marked her with a pen.

This subject is a big buzz these days and it seems that the truth won't come out soon. The rest of Barbara's Fascinating People list contains other big names as Sarah Palin,Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Frank Langella, Michael Phelps, Rush Limbaugh, the transgendered man who is pregnant again, Thomas Beatie and the winner, Barack Obama.Below is the playlist of the interviews with these people (excepting Thomas Beatie)

23 November 2008

My life is fantastic

'My life was fantastic' or 'My life is fantastic' are sentences that are surprising for most of us. For example I haven't meet people who could say this about their lives. These two sentences are reserved just for a few people. To explain this concept I take as an example the lives of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the Google corporation. They were computer geeks who managed to have fun, get famous and rich. They were doing what they liked without concerning the next day, although they probably had lots of plans. And I bet that they are still pulling a screwdriver in computers in a while. I came to this idea of 'My life was fantastic' thinking at their plans to retire. I was thinking at what will they say when they will retire from Google. I will explain in a few lines why Google founders, in this case, are different to other people.
This is the article number 100 of this blog and I tried to write something anniversary related to what I wrote so far and was found most interesting by the readers. Looking at Google Analytics, I found that in about 9 months, the most visited pages and searched terms were related to 'Campbell Brown pregnancy','Jonas Brothers pictures' and probably the most viral subject, 'Miley Cyrus's bra'. When I wrote those articles I had no intentions to talk about my thoughts at that moment, but about the most rising searched terms on the internet at that time.
I was intrigued to see such interest in some subjects that I find with low consistency in a long time period, but I was wrong; these subjects were persistent over all this time and still are. Now, I am asking my self, is it possible that a person who is searching these terms on internet to say 'My life was fantastic'? The terms that people are searching on the internet gives different results to the above question.
After all these questions I think that when you ask yourself if your life is, or was fantastic, you will know if you wasted lots of years on watching others people's life instead of your own. Or at least if you are doing something to make your life fantastic, or if you are expecting from others to make your life fantastic. Having a great life depends on yourself, just like having a job to survive.
But there is hope: say 'My life is fantastic' and you will know at least what are you doing wrong and what you have to do to make you life more interesting. When you wake up in the morning and look at the plans for that day, be sure to ask yourself 'What is fantastic in all these plans?'

20 November 2008

LA Auto Shows auto bailout

Old cars are not ready to be forgotten.

The lucky ones are those who are sentimentally about their first or old car. Car producers were quite not in the mood of joking at the press conference  and this because the financial bailout is extending on every corner.   The crisis is expanding like a cancer; the strongest point of the society was the real estate or people's homes on short. The house is probably the most valuable property of a person.   Next, is the car. Now, some people thinks that a car means luxury. Some people believe that the retro style is not that bad and their old car needs just a wash and some repairs. The price of oil was falling the past few months as an announcement of the auto bailout.   Is just too expensive to buy a car and spend so much on gasoline.
  So, who kept his old car in the garage, now is time to show it to the world. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who suffer after this so called "auto bailout".   Don't cry for investors who will lose a few $millions, but for the poor people who are losing their jobs. For some of them is not that bad; some companies intend to offer their employees the possibility to start a business. At the show, the car producers had some nice new models, but...

Associated Press report from LA

18 November 2008

Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera ?

The french rock band 'Noir Desir' (the name seems predestined and you will find out why) have posted two new songs on their website available for download (somewhere on this page you can find a embeddable widget where you can listen these songs). The band have a long time activity so it shouldn't be in the top searches on the internet these days without a serious reason. Bertrand Cantat (2nd from left to right in the picture above), have killed his girlfriend 5 years ago in a Lithuanian hotel. He was sentenced at 8 years of prison, but he was released after spending just half of sentence for 'good behavior'. Probably he sang in the jail and composed these two songs. Although I think that Noir Desir have a few nice songs, I wonder how does Bertrand expects to be accepted by the public. It is ridiculous. Below on the page there is a nice song called "Le vent nous portera", (in English "The wind will carry us") and the title makes me think that Bertrand hopes that his past will be carried away from our memory. Maybe people will remember this way how an young actress have been taken away from her life. That's why the band's name sounds predestined: 'Noir Desir' (in english 'Dark Desire'). A tipical french story: a bit sweet and a bit bitter. And a nice line from this song:

Ce parfum de nos années mortes

which translated to english means 'this perfume of our years died'. I wonder, have people forgotten?!

Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera

13 November 2008

Google Flu Trends - get a quote

Google has released these days "Google Flu Trends", a service which is supposed to keep people informed about the spread of the flu (just US for the moment). This release improves Google Health programs and probably is a good idea and Google will take a new award for this from the public. They look now like they want to be friends with everybody. About the accuracy of the data, this is a different story. They say on their site:

We've found that certain search terms are good indicators of flu activity.

I wonder which search terms are they talking about. For the moment these search terms are influenced for sure about the news that they've launched this service. Another thing that can compromise this service is the manipulation of data. Let's say that a farmaceutical company launch a product which treats coughing and they start a online free promotional distribution of this product just in, let's say, Alaska state. People will start search the internet for this opportunity of getting something free, either is useful for them or not; they just want the damn free stuff. That is a way to compromise the data. People will not go in vacation in Alaska because there is flu, isn't it ?

Here is an interesting video released by CBS on their Youtube page:

Now, I can't retain from saying what inspired me to chose the picture for this article; the man from the picture is a english singer, Simon Indelicate . This picture was taken probably during a live performance, but he looks so affected by the flu...Actually, all english people (and rednecks too) have a red in their cheeks, so the Google Flu Trends should be aware of this situation.

08 November 2008

Starbucks free coffee - just vote

Nice video ad from Starbucks. Elections are a good moment to make a company remarked and Starbucks put the coffee on the tables to get on the front news. Free coffee !!! Yam Yam ! As all the most of people appreciated the intentions of Starbucks to get people out of their homes for voting, the purpose of the elections have fade out somehow for many. I was looking at what were people searching these days and here is what I've discovered: an incredible breakout search quantity for Free Starbucks coffee. These searching was hand by hand with election results.
Now, what are all these people when they are looking at the Starbucks ad?! The free coffee or an encouragement to go to vote?! I'm sure that most of the people interprets each ad as he or she is interested. Some people thinks when is the best moment when to go to Starbucks... before or after voting...Or 'who will know that I didn't vote?'. And a better idea: 'I take one of that creamy hazelnut coffee when I leave and one when I come back. Oh, wait! I'll search the internet to see what other free stuff I can get; maybe there is beer too'.
This idea of giving free coffee to people reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when Kramer won free coffee for life. And that is how I see people who were voting for a coffee.
The ad unfortunately for them, was breaking some laws, although it had good intentions.
Also, Starbucks sent an e-mail to Starbucks card owners saying:

What if we all cared enough to vote?

05 November 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. - Free At Last

Now, indeed Martin Luther Kink Jr. is really free and is probably resting in peace. Have past 45 years from his famous speech. His words were engraved on his grave as a symbol of his fights and efforts, but now, really, those words are as true as a clear sky. If Obama will be a good leader for America or not, that is something that future will show us, but the past is already sealed: FREEDOM for black people, RIGHTS for all races that live in America and one more thing - United States. All these could be spelled with a single name: Barack Obama. 4th november 2008 is the day that will remain in history as the day when the last proof that America is a great democracy have been stamped.
Obama is for America a fulfilled dream, the hope and a new beginning and the end of a shame. For other countries he could bring a better taste than dust to the world. I'll end this idea as it started, with the words of Martin Luther King Jr. and a short collection of a few great speeches.

Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

30 October 2008

Campbell Brown pregnant - second child will be named...

...anything else but not 'Sarah' (from Sarah Palin), 'Bristol' (from Bristol Palin), 'John' (from John McCain) or 'Tucker' (from Tucker Bounds).
Finally, the gossip was confirmed officially by Campbell Brown itself. Is amazing how much digging on this subject was on the internet in the past couple of weeks. Probably because of the scandal related to Sarah Palin's daughter. Well, what can we say about Campbell Brown now ?! That she is an example to Bristol Palin ?! Campbell is 38 years old and she is at the second pregnancy in less than a year , while Bristol is at first pregnancy and is 17 years old. We asume that Campbell thinks that a woman (not a girl) should have a professional background before having kids. I know that Campbell was hitting Sarah politic about abstinence-only sex education, but did she thinked if it worths her attack a bit ?! People should be aware that the child that Bristol is carrying now will be known as a 'frustration' to a electoral campaign and nothing else. Is Campbell's child better than Bristol's one?!
Kids are innocent Campbell, don't hit'em before they even born (because they will hit you back later) !
Anyway, here is her statement from tv:

I'm pregnant! We just came out of the closet, so I'm happy to share the news .

27 October 2008

Jennifer Hudson's tragedy

After a hard week when her family was butchered, Jeniffer Hudson has send to the public a reward for finding her nephew,Julian King of $126.000, in a desperate fight to have a close soul familiar to her. Sadly, it looks like her nephew was found dead in a SUV. Although that is not confirmed, is possible that this almost last member of her family to be dead. Quoting ABC:

Police issued an Amber Alert Friday for Julian and were looking for a 1994 white Chevrolet Suburban. An Illinois State Police spokesman confirmed to ABC News that the Amber Alert had been canceled, but declined to comment further on the investigation. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office and Chicago Police Department were investigating a white SUV on the city's west side today. Television footage showed police vehicles escorting a flatbed tow truck as it removed the SUV from the scene. Police refused to comment.

Below are the two videos, first about the reward and second the announcement of the body found.

Jennifer Hudson reward $100.000

Jennifer's newphew body found

October end, November 1st

2008 October ends with bad news. Public faces being killed, or did committed bad things. Head of the news is Anne Pressly (on the right), who was found in a blood bath (Shelley Malil's kind of style) almost one week ago. She died a few days later while she was hospitalized. From Associated Press we have the brief news about this.
Anne Pressly
Something went wrong maybe at the party where she was before the attack. It seems that she've been followed till home, because she had time to write on her Facebook wall how happy she was because her friends appreciated her small role in the movie W. She was working for the Arkansas television KATV.
On the same line, we find Skylar DeLeon, Skylar DeLeonwho was found guilty for murder same day when Anne Pressly was attacked. He killed three people, two tide by an anchor and thrown off their yacht, and in another murder a 45 years old man. Although he looks quite sad in the photo, that's mostly because he is afraid of the punishment he we get. He was popular as a child when starring in "Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers". As the show's name says, he was powerful as an adult, but in the wrong way.

With these news we end October unfortunately. Anyway, November begins in force with interesting things. On SNL (Sunday Night Live), November 1st, there are rumors that Barack Obama will take part in the last day of the election campaign. Obviously he will bring his best weapons to this showBarack Obama. SNL prepares a great show for this weekend as they've invited David Cook, the American Idol winner, who will sing (for Obama - that is funny). Probably the show will be opened by Cook, just to leave our brains fresh with Obama's speech.
David CookBelow is a performance of David Cook in American Idol show

Also on November 1st will be launched the first Venezuelan communication satellite, called 'Simon Bolivar'. Let's hope that it will be launched without problems.
Simon Bolivar satellite
It doesn't look too fancy, but what the heck?! It will be out of space and nobody will see it. Cheers to Venezuela !

21 October 2008

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2008

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio

This year, the Nobel Prize for literature was sent to the world through Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, who was born in Nice and has lived in England, New Mexico and South Korea. Le Clezio wrote several adventure novels. Obviously his inspiration was his experience which brought him on most of the continents. But with all these countless journeys he didn't got tired of writing. He become famous at 23 years (in1963) old when he published "Le Proces-Verbal" (eng. The Interrogation). This novel brought him Prix Renaudot. Le Clezio was also inspired by other great novelist and publicist, Romain Roland. With this award, Le Clezio's figure will stand on the same bookshelf with Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. After all these adventures, he became a living legend. Below is the moment when he was awarded

17 October 2008

'How to kiss' - the top 5 ways to learn

How to kiss - learning curve

This is a comprehensive list of resources for leaning to kiss. Let's begin:

(1)Facebook tip: Great Breath - This is very important. Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on your date. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath.


How To Kiss Like Angelina Jolie


(4)Yahoo!Answers:Start kissing him on the neck when you are cuddling watching a movie. If it is your first kiss hold his head when you go for your kiss on the lips. Go slow and soft (dental work is expensive).

(5)Ask McCain because an ex-girlfriend from his youth said:

He was a great kisser. I liked it so much that I bought a book to learn how to kiss.

Wondering what is all this about 'how to kiss'? Well, According to Google Insight in the past month it was a rising search in the online communities of this subject. Strange, isn't it ?!

16 October 2008

Beyonce - I Am... (who?)

Beyonce - new album in November 2008

On November 18th, Beyonce (Giselle Knowles) will launch her third solo album, called 'I Am...'. In the past few days she had the front pages of the newspapers, taking part in lots of actions like fund raising for Ike's victims (Ike is the hurricane) and filming for MTV's 'TRL'. We can say that 'is that time of the year' for Beyonce. She must take part in lots of actions and must be friendly with the journalists now.
As for the album, 'I Am...' she released two singles, 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' and 'If I Were A Boy'. From this titles, the change of look, the lyrics comes the question 'who are you Beyonce?'. Let's face it: if you have a song called 'Single Ladies' is not a problem, but if another song is called 'If I Were A boy' then something is putrid in Denmark (that said Shakespeare, not me). What we have to understand from all of this ?! She is not sure of her personality ?! And now the lyrics:

All the single ladies (7x) Now put your hands up
Up in the club, we just broke up
I’m doing my own little thing
Decided to dip but now you wanna trip
Cuz another brother noticed me
I’m up on him, he up on me
dont pay him any attention
cried my tears, for three good years
Ya can’t be mad at me

Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips
Got me tighter than my Dereon jeans
acting up, drink in my cup
I could care less what you think
I need no permission, did I mention
Dont pay him any attention
Cuz you had your turn
But now you gonna learn
What it really feels like to miss me


Don’t treat me to the things of this world
I’m not that kind of girl
Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
He’s a man that makes me then takes me
And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond
Pull me into your arms
Say I’m the one you own
If you don’t, you’ll be alone
And like a ghost I’ll be gone

All the single ladies (7x)
Now put your hands up


All my single ladies throw your hands in the air
All my single ladies throw your hands in the air

Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that

Here we go again, check on your man
Fast as we can, we got an evil plan
If you can't follow me, get out the game
Call for backup as soon as you hear my name!

It's time to get nasty
Look at me, I'm fabulously sexy
Front of the line, VIP
We're celebrity

You got me feeling nasty baby
It's kinda hot but it's so damn crazy
It feels so good to be a single lady, baby
Don't be afraid to explore my body
Take off your clothes, get naughty
Let's funk away this party

Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that

Don't know where I left my cell phone
I mean, this song really turns me on
We could be jamming all night long
The vibe is coming over me so strong
I'm feeling we've just begun
Let me help you put it on

Repeat Chorus

TP and B-E-E
Sure u aint ready to party with the wife of Jay Z
She pretend to be a single lady
So she can ride with me
I came in to check on her
But I keep looking at shorty
she so hot that I wish she was my beyonce
... Nappy boy in love with baby bee

All my single ladies throw your hands
All my single ladies throw your hands
All my single ladies theow your hands up
In the air!

Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that

Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that

Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it like that

Although there are lots of words, the song is not that long. Beyonce didn't want to share with us the videos, instead she posted on her youtube profile.

14 October 2008


Twilight - the movie poster

Why have to bother to make five movies, each for a different movie genre ?! Let's make one which has ...romance, horror, action and what else...? Yep is missing the comedy part. Enough with the sarcasm. On 21st of October (according to date on the poster) will be launched "Twilight" - a movie which is highly anticipated as long as Batman, Superman, Catwoman and other superhero movies have been already on the cinemas lately. Also, the movie is announced for 15th of January according to IMDB. From IMDB we got the plot:

Bella Swan is a clumsy, kind hearted teenager with a knack for getting into trouble. Edward Cullen is an intelligent, good looking vampire who is trying to hide his secret. Against all odds, the two fall in love but will a pack of blood thirsty trackers, an old pact between a certain pack of werewolves and the disapproval of their family and friends separate them?
Source:IMDB summary

The plot easily reminds us of other similar successful stories like "Romeo and Juliet", "Dracula" or other 20 movies. Anyway, it should be interesting. AS you can see in the trailer below, the vampires from "Twilight" have different forces than the usual vampires. Let's hope that they can change into crows too.

03 October 2008

Financial bailout or else...

Financial bailout

'Financial bailout'. That is on every American's (and not only) lips these days. 'Is bailout, man !' - you can hear at every corner, either is a child, old lady or lawyer. That reminds me about 1929 financial crash. But then people were starving and were so poor that they could work for a week for a piece of bread. At that time there was no difference between people as rich and poor; now it is. We see every day scandals like Sarah Palin's long story, or is enough to imagine how much costs an election campaign. If in other election campaigns the costs were supported by the army/oil/Bush , maybe the politics have changed, and here it is what might be considered a good source for funding a campaign:
The Bush's team announced the plan for financial recovery offering $700 billion. The Congress have rejected the plan. The stock market have dropped fast. Then, Bush's team have proposed a new plan for financial recovery, which was approved a few days later. Am I missing something from this row of events ?! What would you do if you would know that today the stock market will fall today ? You would sell. Then what would do someone who would know that the stock market will be up again ? Will buy your cheap shares and then sell it back when will become expensive again.
On short - this is the way that an election campaign is now funded: buy a few billion shares at half of the price and then sell it double (that was the actual proportions of government help). Anyway, is better than a war 'on terrorism'. You can even see in the eyes of the Bush's team members that they feel that their lie might not work, or they are thinking for themselves "what am I saying here ?!"

01 October 2008

Paul Newman - just one way

Paul Newman

No matter what we do in our lives, there is nothing to keep us alive. Paul Newman died on 26th of September 2008 (a day which I will remember it in the future just like the day when Curt Cobain died) and will not come back. He was 'Cool hand Luke' and still was defeated by death. He did eat 50 eggs in vain and he fought against his destiny just to live his last seconds of life not kneeling. He will be forgotten by future generations, his movies will be just archeological pieces of cinematography and his personal life or his life will be completely forgotten. After his death, he was compared by people with the character 'Luke' from 'Cool hand Luke'. For many of us, Paul is 'Cool hand Luke', because that character gave us hope and we don't want to let it die. Paul Newman lived his life not for fame (although he had enough), but for himself. What to say about him ?! He is history now; he was history even when he was alive, a legend among our daily habits. What describes he the best might be the quote below from 'Cool hand Luke', because that movie was something that makes you say "I done that and I won my eternity, that was my way to eternity":

Dragline: Get in here. Ain't ya scared? Ain't ya scared of dyin'?
Luke: Dyin'? Boy, he can have this little life any time he wants to. Do ya hear that? Are ya hearin' it? Come on. You're welcome to it, ol' timer. Let me know you're up there. Come on. Love me, hate me, kill me, anything. Just let me know it.

So long Paul Newman, the world will miss you !

13 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider - Circus

CERN's control room

Yep, there is nobody at CERN's office. Is weekend, isn't for all ?! Those engineers get famous even by not doing anything. Maybe that's the reason for being hacked, because they look smart and when someone is smart, there will always be someone who will try to be smarter. Maybe 'The Greek Security Team' thought that they are smarter. They managed to mess up the LHC website, displaying warnings and other things which would make the site's administrator to be ashamed, but after all the world have found about it, who cares ?! As long as their damn little particle goes with the lightspeed, the website can go to funny jokes.
Seriously now, there is a side effect on this story; for sure some people (and journalists also) will understand that a hacker team have the Large Hadron Collider in their hands and will do something wrong with the blackholes.
In this endless story about CERN, LHC and particle collision there is something that has to be over all the news and we still didn't found it. It might be a preparation for something big, such as the actual test, set for 21st of october when the particles are set to collide, or for the worst nightmare of the mankind - the blackhole which was found in the center of our galaxy exactly ten years ago, and I will quote Science Daily:

In 1995, using the Keck I Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Ghez began tracking the movement of 200 stars near the galactic center. She found at least 20 stars that exhibited the telling signs of influence by extreme gravitational forces. These stars are spiraling around the black hole at speeds of up to three million miles per hour-about 10 times the speed at which stars typically move. In order to account for the rapid speeds of these stars, Ghez determined that an object 2.6 million times more massive than our Sun must be concentrated into a single black hole.
Source:Science Daily

When you hear something like that, the center of the galaxy looks very close. We will see what is all about soon I think.

What is this experiment about.

12 September 2008

Campbell Brown - the one without dirty secrets

campbell brown
Lately, there were lots of speculations on Campbell Brown from CNN and Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election. In a live transmission interview, Campbell asked McCain's spokesman to explain why is Palin's daughter pregnant. Not so directly, but why she had to ask this?! There were lots of commentaries on this subject about both, Campbell and Palin, but from all I liked one from Wall Street Journal, which at a point says:

Campbell Brown of CNN did nothing wrong for instance in pressing a campaign spokesman on Palin's foreign policy credentials. She was unjustly criticized for following an appropriate and necessary line of inquiry. But endless front page stories connected to Mrs. Palin's 17-year-old daughter? Cable news shows that had people insinuating Palin, whom America had not yet even met, was a bad mother, and that used her daughter's circumstances to examine Republican views on abstinence education? That was ugly.
Source:Wall Street Journal

I just don't get it, what were them talking about, politics, personal life or it was a court session ?! Is correct to have a dirty election run, but what this have to do with the media,journalism or the news. If Palin's daughter is pregnant, then so be it, but don't take her into mud or turn an election run into a circus. Every person have a dirty secret and should stay so - secret. What is wrong of being pregnant so early ?! To have a 45 years old grandmother?
Now I'm thinking to this so called "firestorm" started by Campbell. It looks like a classic 'no-heart' media tale. And when I thought that journalists are tired of this attitude. Anyway, below is the video that blew the talk shows in America these days.

08 September 2008

Kanye West - Love lockdown

Kanye West
Kanye West hits MTV's VMA with 'Love Lockdown' and people are just mad these days searching on the internet for anything related to Kanye. So I've gathered a few resources to check him. He have a 'huh' blog, a myspace page. Below is the Kanye West - Love lockdown video and lyrics.

Im not lovin you, the way I wanted to

What I had to do, had to run from you

Im in love with you, but the vibe is wrong

And that haunted me, all the way home

So ya never know, never never know

Never know enough, til its over love

Til we lose control, system overload

Screamin no no no, no no

I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to

See I wanna move, but cant escape from you

So I keep it low, keep a secret code

So everybody else dont have to know

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

You keep ya love locked down, you lose

Im not lovin you, the way I wanted to

I cant keep my cool, so I keep it true

I got somethin to lose, so I gotta move

I cant keep myself, and still keep you too

So I keep in mind, when Im on my own

Somewhere far from home, In the danger zone

How many times did it take til I finally got through

you lose, you lose

I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to

See I had to go, see I had to go

No more wastein time, we cant wait for life

which is wastin time, wheres the finish line

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

You keep ya love locked down, you lose

Im not lovin you, the way i wanted to

I met no one new, I got no one new

No I said im through, but got love for you

But im not lovin you, the way I wanted to

Gotta keep it goin, keep the lovin goin

Keep it on a roll, only god knows

Am I into you, baby im confused

You choose, you choose

I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to

Way I got to go, I dont need you

I been on this road, too many times before

I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down

Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down

Keepin ya love locked down, you lose

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down

If you keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down

Keepin ya love locked down, you lose

31 August 2008

ICNA - Moonsighting

ICNA - Moonsighting

It might be a surprise for people who belong to other religion than Islamic, but ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) is involving in society and humanitarian problems as any other people. That's a good thing to know, but the reason why ICNA is on the top searches on Google is because of one of their announcements:

In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful In consultation with national Islamic organizations and local hilaal committees it has been determined that the moon was not sighted on the night of (August 31/Shaban 29) (based on the local sighting of the moon). Ramadan will begin on Tuesday September 2.
Source:Islamic Circle of North America

The controversy is the beginning of the Ramadan, as you can read below:
Inevitabley, every year the Muslims (at least those of us in the West) fall into debating and confusion about the beginning of Ramadan.
In recent years before Ramadan, Muslims in different states are in confusion on whether they should go by the Moon sighting or by using astronomical calculations.

Source:A Glimpse Into The Life of A Muslimah

So, as you see the Muslims have this debate before Ramadan each year.

25 August 2008

Marriage in different centuries

Sophie Charlotte and Prince Eitel Frederick

Love doesn't change in time, the only thing that changes is the reason why people get married. More traditionalist families had alliances instead of marriages and that happen only in royal niche of society. Above is the picture of The Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Frederick, a couple which got married about one hundred years ago. An excerpt from a New York Times said at that time:

BERLIN, Feb. 27. -- The Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, daughter of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, and Prince Eitel Frederick, the second son of the Emperor, were married this afternoon in the chapel of the palace by the Court Chaplain, Dr. Dryander. The 500 persons present included members of the royal families of Germany, the Cabinet Ministers, and a number of Generals and Admirals. Ambassador and Mrs. Tower were present in the diplomatic circle.
Source:New York Times Archive

Michelle and Barack Obama These days we are witness to a 'love statement' of Michelle Obama that surrounds the news. I'm not impressed about it, but is nice to see these two couples at one hundred years distance. Below is Michelle Obama preparing for speech:

21 August 2008

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder and Valkyrie

No, is not Santa Cruise on the left ! Is that guy...what was his name...Tom, Tom Cruise. Maybe you think that Tom looks funny bald, fat and with a big belly, but actually this might be his look in 10-15 maybe 20 years from now. Tom Cruise claims that the leaked images of him being fat will be the sentence to something for the one who showed the world his future... But seriously, this is just another marketing move. He have an insignificant role in 'Tropic Thunder' and he uses this images to direct people's attention to this movie.
And I was thinking that a successful movie must have beautiful characters... Anyway, on the second image of Tom is a photo taken for the 'Valkyrie' movie, a highly anticipated war-and-Christmas movie (is set to be released on 26th of December this year). Below is the plot and the trailer for this movie.

At the height of WW2, a group of high-ranking German officers hatched a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and seize power of the military command in order to end the war. The operation was codenamed "Valkyrie", for the emergency plan that was meant to be used in case of a revolt against the Nazi government. This plan had been modified by the conspirators to ensure their success, but for various reasons the plot failed when finally carried out on 20 July 1944. The conspirators of the inner circle were shot after a kangaroo trial or sentenced to death soon after.

This is the Tom Cruise that we know and as a funny thing, I've found one of his quotes:
Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren't completely embarassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow's embarrassment?
by: Tom Cruise

15 August 2008

Blood with gunpowder taste

Blood taste

No matter the reason of this war, from Georgia (located at southern Russian border),the fact is that it caused casualties among journalists, human rights fighters, soldiers, but most important, people like most of us, simple civilians. Who is right and who is wrong in this fight? Georgia is an independent state, so Russia is there for what?! This war follows the pattern 'I do this and you stay out of my business'.

Putin drinking whisky Where did we see this before ? I remember the yelling to Bush's so called 'anti terrorism war', when Russia closed its eyes to this. It was US run for oil and then Putin was drunk with oil flavored whiskey. Then we could hear only lamenting and ferocious comments from Russia, told by a drunk man, Putin.

It's the turn of Russia to share a glass of oil flavored vodka with US. Of course there is lamenting and ferocious comments from the United States and many countries, but who can do more than this ?! Can you send troops there ? This would mean war and we don't want that. But getting all the small wars together don't we get a big war ?! The purpose is not to involve directly into war more powerful armies and this even with accepting lots of civilian casualties.

Bush drinking vodka One more question, why now? Because most of the people are in holiday now and because of this. And when you come back from that page don't say you aren't revolted and you don't feel fooled.

Below is the video of the georgian journalist Tamara Urushadze, who was shot while being reporting live.

13 August 2008

Shelley Malil

Shelley Malil
Shelley Malil, is 42 years old and is not virgin, but he has some serious sexual problems perhaps. He is known as the partner of the main character of the '40 years old virgin' movie and yesterday he stubbed for more than 20 times his girlfriend. Why would he do something like that ?! That is the question that the trial will answer. He can go to jail for life and his bail is set to 2 million $.
He is known as a comic actor, but this time he wasn't funny at all and for that he will pay. He could do like others, but he chose the weapon way. That's all folks. Here is a brief from AP

Authorities confirmed the victim's identity as Kendra Beebe. According to her Facebook page, she is a 35-year-old mother of two who works as an insurance broker in Carlsbad, a coastal suburb. She was listed in critical condition Monday, according to the San Diego Sheriff's Department. Spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said Tuesday she had no update on Beebe's condition.
Source:Associated Press

12 August 2008

My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friend's Girl poster Looks like this autumn we gonna laugh ! :D At least that's what "My Best Friend's Girl" promises. Starring Dane Cook, Kate Hudson (photo above), Jason Biggs, Alec Baldwin and Lizzy Caplan, the movie looks very good for taking your partner to a date. Here is the plot:

A master at seducing – and offending – women, Tank is a professional "My Best Friend's Girl." When guys get dumped, they hire Tank to take their ex-girlfriends out on the worst date of their lives – an experience so horrible it sends them running gratefully back to their beaus. So when Tank's best friend, Dustin, is dumped by his new girlfriend, Tank naturally offers to help out... and ends up meeting the challenge of a lifetime. Smart, beautiful and headstrong, Alexis is the first girl who knows how to call his bluff, and Tank soon finds himself torn between his loyalty to Dustin and his love for his best friend's girl.

Below is the trailer for 'My Best Friend's Girl'

Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid meteor shower

Perseid Meteor Shower Perseid Meteor Shower is about to "wash" the whole earth in a few days. As the VietNamNet says, is the nicest meteor shower of the year. VietNamNet come with a new photo of this year's meteor shower, which you can see on the right. The nice thing about natural wonders is that each time it happen, we have the chance to see new unbelievable images. Below is a excerpt from VietNamNet, which share the Vietnam's experience of the Perseid Meteor Shower, which has just passed over there:

The Perseids meteor shower comes annually, often from July 23 to August 22. People in the Northern Hemisphere, including Vietnam, can see the Perseids from August 12 at night to early morning August 13. During the peak time, one can see 60 to 100 meteors per hour. Different from the Delta Aquarids meteor shower on July 29, the peak time of Perseids is quite long. Dang Vu Tuan, Chairman of the Vietnam Young Astronomy Club, also said that this will be the largest meteor shower of the year, and should be very beautiful.

And here is a description from scientists:
The source of the shower is Comet Swift-Tuttle. Although the comet is far away, currently located beyond the orbit of Uranus, a trail of debris from the comet stretches all the way back to Earth. Crossing the trail in August, Earth will be pelted by specks of comet dust hitting the atmosphere at 132,000 mph. At that speed, even a flimsy speck of dust makes a vivid streak of light when it disintegrates--a meteor! Because, Swift-Tuttle's meteors streak out of the constellation Perseus, they are called "Perseids."
Source:Space Daily