18 November 2008

Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera ?

The french rock band 'Noir Desir' (the name seems predestined and you will find out why) have posted two new songs on their website available for download (somewhere on this page you can find a embeddable widget where you can listen these songs). The band have a long time activity so it shouldn't be in the top searches on the internet these days without a serious reason. Bertrand Cantat (2nd from left to right in the picture above), have killed his girlfriend 5 years ago in a Lithuanian hotel. He was sentenced at 8 years of prison, but he was released after spending just half of sentence for 'good behavior'. Probably he sang in the jail and composed these two songs. Although I think that Noir Desir have a few nice songs, I wonder how does Bertrand expects to be accepted by the public. It is ridiculous. Below on the page there is a nice song called "Le vent nous portera", (in English "The wind will carry us") and the title makes me think that Bertrand hopes that his past will be carried away from our memory. Maybe people will remember this way how an young actress have been taken away from her life. That's why the band's name sounds predestined: 'Noir Desir' (in english 'Dark Desire'). A tipical french story: a bit sweet and a bit bitter. And a nice line from this song:

Ce parfum de nos années mortes

which translated to english means 'this perfume of our years died'. I wonder, have people forgotten?!

Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera

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