20 November 2008

LA Auto Shows auto bailout

Old cars are not ready to be forgotten.

The lucky ones are those who are sentimentally about their first or old car. Car producers were quite not in the mood of joking at the press conference  and this because the financial bailout is extending on every corner.   The crisis is expanding like a cancer; the strongest point of the society was the real estate or people's homes on short. The house is probably the most valuable property of a person.   Next, is the car. Now, some people thinks that a car means luxury. Some people believe that the retro style is not that bad and their old car needs just a wash and some repairs. The price of oil was falling the past few months as an announcement of the auto bailout.   Is just too expensive to buy a car and spend so much on gasoline.
  So, who kept his old car in the garage, now is time to show it to the world. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who suffer after this so called "auto bailout".   Don't cry for investors who will lose a few $millions, but for the poor people who are losing their jobs. For some of them is not that bad; some companies intend to offer their employees the possibility to start a business. At the show, the car producers had some nice new models, but...

Associated Press report from LA

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