23 November 2008

My life is fantastic

'My life was fantastic' or 'My life is fantastic' are sentences that are surprising for most of us. For example I haven't meet people who could say this about their lives. These two sentences are reserved just for a few people. To explain this concept I take as an example the lives of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the Google corporation. They were computer geeks who managed to have fun, get famous and rich. They were doing what they liked without concerning the next day, although they probably had lots of plans. And I bet that they are still pulling a screwdriver in computers in a while. I came to this idea of 'My life was fantastic' thinking at their plans to retire. I was thinking at what will they say when they will retire from Google. I will explain in a few lines why Google founders, in this case, are different to other people.
This is the article number 100 of this blog and I tried to write something anniversary related to what I wrote so far and was found most interesting by the readers. Looking at Google Analytics, I found that in about 9 months, the most visited pages and searched terms were related to 'Campbell Brown pregnancy','Jonas Brothers pictures' and probably the most viral subject, 'Miley Cyrus's bra'. When I wrote those articles I had no intentions to talk about my thoughts at that moment, but about the most rising searched terms on the internet at that time.
I was intrigued to see such interest in some subjects that I find with low consistency in a long time period, but I was wrong; these subjects were persistent over all this time and still are. Now, I am asking my self, is it possible that a person who is searching these terms on internet to say 'My life was fantastic'? The terms that people are searching on the internet gives different results to the above question.
After all these questions I think that when you ask yourself if your life is, or was fantastic, you will know if you wasted lots of years on watching others people's life instead of your own. Or at least if you are doing something to make your life fantastic, or if you are expecting from others to make your life fantastic. Having a great life depends on yourself, just like having a job to survive.
But there is hope: say 'My life is fantastic' and you will know at least what are you doing wrong and what you have to do to make you life more interesting. When you wake up in the morning and look at the plans for that day, be sure to ask yourself 'What is fantastic in all these plans?'

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