30 January 2009

A heartbreak for two from Chelsy Devy

Is kinda fun to be a sort of star without having something special, isn't it? There is this guy, Elliott Giboson, who got on newspapers and tv shows with his lookalike Prince Harry, catching the attention from all the people, but recently this wasn't fun anymore. Prince Harry ended his relation with Chelsy Davy and the people were sending consolations to him, so Elliott, although he didn't got a pie of Chelsy, he took his pie of kindness and consolations. I think that his life is like a shadow; when something bad happens to Harry, he takes consolations too, when Harry is happy, well, he's like usual.

These days he wasn't that happy as he declared:

"I was in London on the underground on Sunday and there was a group of 50 American teenagers heading up the opposite escalator from me. One of the girls saw me and shrieked 'It's Harry!' and another shouted 'Chelsy didn't deserve you!'. Before I knew it there was a stampede of young women coming down the wrong way down the escalator. They were coming at me full throttle - I'm sure they knocked down a person or two along their way."
Prince Harry and Elliott Gibson sharing a heartbreak