03 October 2008

Financial bailout or else...

Financial bailout

'Financial bailout'. That is on every American's (and not only) lips these days. 'Is bailout, man !' - you can hear at every corner, either is a child, old lady or lawyer. That reminds me about 1929 financial crash. But then people were starving and were so poor that they could work for a week for a piece of bread. At that time there was no difference between people as rich and poor; now it is. We see every day scandals like Sarah Palin's long story, or is enough to imagine how much costs an election campaign. If in other election campaigns the costs were supported by the army/oil/Bush , maybe the politics have changed, and here it is what might be considered a good source for funding a campaign:
The Bush's team announced the plan for financial recovery offering $700 billion. The Congress have rejected the plan. The stock market have dropped fast. Then, Bush's team have proposed a new plan for financial recovery, which was approved a few days later. Am I missing something from this row of events ?! What would you do if you would know that today the stock market will fall today ? You would sell. Then what would do someone who would know that the stock market will be up again ? Will buy your cheap shares and then sell it back when will become expensive again.
On short - this is the way that an election campaign is now funded: buy a few billion shares at half of the price and then sell it double (that was the actual proportions of government help). Anyway, is better than a war 'on terrorism'. You can even see in the eyes of the Bush's team members that they feel that their lie might not work, or they are thinking for themselves "what am I saying here ?!"

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