15 August 2008

Blood with gunpowder taste

Blood taste

No matter the reason of this war, from Georgia (located at southern Russian border),the fact is that it caused casualties among journalists, human rights fighters, soldiers, but most important, people like most of us, simple civilians. Who is right and who is wrong in this fight? Georgia is an independent state, so Russia is there for what?! This war follows the pattern 'I do this and you stay out of my business'.

Putin drinking whisky Where did we see this before ? I remember the yelling to Bush's so called 'anti terrorism war', when Russia closed its eyes to this. It was US run for oil and then Putin was drunk with oil flavored whiskey. Then we could hear only lamenting and ferocious comments from Russia, told by a drunk man, Putin.

It's the turn of Russia to share a glass of oil flavored vodka with US. Of course there is lamenting and ferocious comments from the United States and many countries, but who can do more than this ?! Can you send troops there ? This would mean war and we don't want that. But getting all the small wars together don't we get a big war ?! The purpose is not to involve directly into war more powerful armies and this even with accepting lots of civilian casualties.

Bush drinking vodka One more question, why now? Because most of the people are in holiday now and because of this. And when you come back from that page don't say you aren't revolted and you don't feel fooled.

Below is the video of the georgian journalist Tamara Urushadze, who was shot while being reporting live.

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