25 August 2008

Marriage in different centuries

Sophie Charlotte and Prince Eitel Frederick

Love doesn't change in time, the only thing that changes is the reason why people get married. More traditionalist families had alliances instead of marriages and that happen only in royal niche of society. Above is the picture of The Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Frederick, a couple which got married about one hundred years ago. An excerpt from a New York Times said at that time:

BERLIN, Feb. 27. -- The Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, daughter of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, and Prince Eitel Frederick, the second son of the Emperor, were married this afternoon in the chapel of the palace by the Court Chaplain, Dr. Dryander. The 500 persons present included members of the royal families of Germany, the Cabinet Ministers, and a number of Generals and Admirals. Ambassador and Mrs. Tower were present in the diplomatic circle.
Source:New York Times Archive

Michelle and Barack Obama These days we are witness to a 'love statement' of Michelle Obama that surrounds the news. I'm not impressed about it, but is nice to see these two couples at one hundred years distance. Below is Michelle Obama preparing for speech:

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