03 August 2008

Tila Tequila says: eat this

Tila Tequila

I'll try to explain the image above. It's about her success and also other women's success.

It's true that she looks hot in the photo, but to her success contributes some more factors too. You can observe that her skin color is quite close to the color of that roasted chicken. When a men looks at this photo associates his hunger and appetite with her skin color. On the other hand, is the beer glass, which "transpires" and the men associates his thirst to the transpiration that covers her body. So, you see ?! It's not all about her; it's also about the food.

In Tila's case, the success is increased even more, because as everybody knows, the alcohol is an aphrodisiac, and "tequila" is a quite popular drink. So each time a men asks for a "tequila" he would asks for himself a "Tila" too.

That's why lots of celebrities look roasted, baked and oiled. There are also some stars that bets on other food, like cheese for example. Is the case of Miley Cyrus, who is dressed in white in that photo and tries to look innocent. But white is the color of the cheese (and her skin too). The cheese is good to eat with a glass of red wine. So, this way, Miley gives a shot on the food and alcohol too.

For now on, when you want to be "hot" think at a food before, and then get dressed and make up like that food.

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