10 August 2008

Laura Manaudou - gold dust

laura manaudou
The Olympics from Beijing are a big opportunity for those with something to say, to finally say it. Laura Manaudou, is a swimmer from France who not only that pretends the gold medal at swimming (although she already had a world record at 400m freestyle), but also is famous for some pictures and video tapes which are just for adults. Maybe it wasn't in her intention to go like Alexandra Dupre, but is obviously that is going to be famous all over the world, not just in France. If Alexandra Dupre was bringing a personality to dust, Laura Manaudou is bringing her self to a different platform. We have to admit that is hard to be an Olympic swimmer, the subject of a sex scandal (without intention) and a normal person. Just as writing this the final ended and she took the last place.

laura manaudou

The question is, will she try something different now ?! Maybe I'm mean, but you can't expect to have a big career while having such a tumultuous personal life. Or maybe the media is guilty for this end. Paris Match talks about the end of a career with these recent results. We will see about this.

In the meantime take a look of the video below. Even if you don't understand French, the images talks for itself.

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