13 March 2008

Google trend 13 mar 08: Ashley Alexandra Dupré

The prostitute that brought down the New York governor The Observers: "The governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, announced yesterday that he would resign from office after the press dicovered his past dealings with a prostitute. The New York Times traced the prostitute and went on to publish details from her MySpace page. A few hours later, the call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, was a freshly made web icon. The 22-year-old's MySpace page has already been viewed more than four million times (doubling within the space of a few hours) and web-users are digging up anything they can find about the New Yorker. One of her former classmates has already set up a Facebook group with an alleged photo of her as a teenager. No rock has been left unturned. But are these actions condemnable? Born Ashley Youmans in New Jersey, the home-runaway told the New York Times that 'this has been a very difficult time' and that she didn't want seen as ' monster'. But the sex-worker has not turned away from the hounding press and public. She could have easily closed her MySpace account and deleted the photos published on the site. But she didn't. And neither did she delete her song, 'What We Want'."

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