02 March 2008

Google Trend 02 mar 08: julian beaver (sidewalk artist)

A Sidewalk Artist's 3-D Works First he draws his design in miniature - in this case, a very expansive image: "Figures and things coming out of the hole [in the ground] exploding into life, blowing a fanfare out to the world." The entire process will take three-and-a-half days. Beever says the first day is the hardest, outlining a scribble with the aid of a rope. And there's the physical toll from drawing on the ground and running back and forth to look through the camera, hundreds of times, just to gain perspective. "In the past, I felt quite insecure really on the first day, not knowing that I would have enough time to get it finished. I've tried to be a little bit more cool about it. I've done so many of these and they always do get finished." -- julian beever--

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