30 October 2008

Campbell Brown pregnant - second child will be named...

...anything else but not 'Sarah' (from Sarah Palin), 'Bristol' (from Bristol Palin), 'John' (from John McCain) or 'Tucker' (from Tucker Bounds).
Finally, the gossip was confirmed officially by Campbell Brown itself. Is amazing how much digging on this subject was on the internet in the past couple of weeks. Probably because of the scandal related to Sarah Palin's daughter. Well, what can we say about Campbell Brown now ?! That she is an example to Bristol Palin ?! Campbell is 38 years old and she is at the second pregnancy in less than a year , while Bristol is at first pregnancy and is 17 years old. We asume that Campbell thinks that a woman (not a girl) should have a professional background before having kids. I know that Campbell was hitting Sarah politic about abstinence-only sex education, but did she thinked if it worths her attack a bit ?! People should be aware that the child that Bristol is carrying now will be known as a 'frustration' to a electoral campaign and nothing else. Is Campbell's child better than Bristol's one?!
Kids are innocent Campbell, don't hit'em before they even born (because they will hit you back later) !
Anyway, here is her statement from tv:

I'm pregnant! We just came out of the closet, so I'm happy to share the news .

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