27 October 2008

October end, November 1st

2008 October ends with bad news. Public faces being killed, or did committed bad things. Head of the news is Anne Pressly (on the right), who was found in a blood bath (Shelley Malil's kind of style) almost one week ago. She died a few days later while she was hospitalized. From Associated Press we have the brief news about this.
Anne Pressly
Something went wrong maybe at the party where she was before the attack. It seems that she've been followed till home, because she had time to write on her Facebook wall how happy she was because her friends appreciated her small role in the movie W. She was working for the Arkansas television KATV.
On the same line, we find Skylar DeLeon, Skylar DeLeonwho was found guilty for murder same day when Anne Pressly was attacked. He killed three people, two tide by an anchor and thrown off their yacht, and in another murder a 45 years old man. Although he looks quite sad in the photo, that's mostly because he is afraid of the punishment he we get. He was popular as a child when starring in "Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers". As the show's name says, he was powerful as an adult, but in the wrong way.

With these news we end October unfortunately. Anyway, November begins in force with interesting things. On SNL (Sunday Night Live), November 1st, there are rumors that Barack Obama will take part in the last day of the election campaign. Obviously he will bring his best weapons to this showBarack Obama. SNL prepares a great show for this weekend as they've invited David Cook, the American Idol winner, who will sing (for Obama - that is funny). Probably the show will be opened by Cook, just to leave our brains fresh with Obama's speech.
David CookBelow is a performance of David Cook in American Idol show

Also on November 1st will be launched the first Venezuelan communication satellite, called 'Simon Bolivar'. Let's hope that it will be launched without problems.
Simon Bolivar satellite
It doesn't look too fancy, but what the heck?! It will be out of space and nobody will see it. Cheers to Venezuela !

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