13 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider - Circus

CERN's control room

Yep, there is nobody at CERN's office. Is weekend, isn't for all ?! Those engineers get famous even by not doing anything. Maybe that's the reason for being hacked, because they look smart and when someone is smart, there will always be someone who will try to be smarter. Maybe 'The Greek Security Team' thought that they are smarter. They managed to mess up the LHC website, displaying warnings and other things which would make the site's administrator to be ashamed, but after all the world have found about it, who cares ?! As long as their damn little particle goes with the lightspeed, the website can go to funny jokes.
Seriously now, there is a side effect on this story; for sure some people (and journalists also) will understand that a hacker team have the Large Hadron Collider in their hands and will do something wrong with the blackholes.
In this endless story about CERN, LHC and particle collision there is something that has to be over all the news and we still didn't found it. It might be a preparation for something big, such as the actual test, set for 21st of october when the particles are set to collide, or for the worst nightmare of the mankind - the blackhole which was found in the center of our galaxy exactly ten years ago, and I will quote Science Daily:

In 1995, using the Keck I Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Ghez began tracking the movement of 200 stars near the galactic center. She found at least 20 stars that exhibited the telling signs of influence by extreme gravitational forces. These stars are spiraling around the black hole at speeds of up to three million miles per hour-about 10 times the speed at which stars typically move. In order to account for the rapid speeds of these stars, Ghez determined that an object 2.6 million times more massive than our Sun must be concentrated into a single black hole.
Source:Science Daily

When you hear something like that, the center of the galaxy looks very close. We will see what is all about soon I think.

What is this experiment about.

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