21 April 2008

Google Trends 21 apr 08 - miley cyrus

miley cyrus On Monday (April 21), a set of shots depicting the squeaky-clean 15-year old Cyrus made the rounds online, showing the singer wearing just a bra and underwear while draped across the lap of an unnamed male, and another in which she's pulling down her shirt to reveal a green bra. It's actually the second batch of eyebrow-raising shots of Cyrus to hit the Net over the past six months, following on the heels of much tamer pictures of the singer and a female friend nearly kissing as they shared a piece of licorice; some others that popped up on her MySpace page in which she posed suggestively in a bikini and her underwear. The singer responded to the furor over the first batch of pictures, saying they were "nothing bad," as she was just having a sleepover at a hotel with one of her best friends. It was unclear how the latest photos were obtained by sites such as TMZ and if they came from Cyrus or someone else, but the pictures are the latest hint that the singer is in the midst of a transformation that could take her from a tween and teenybopper sensation to a more mature artist. At the very least, she's recently been taking on the reigning queen of using sex as a marketing ploy, Madonna, thanks to her "Miley & Mandy Show" YouTube send-up of Madge's "4 Minutes," which garnered an apparent personal response from Madonna. Source:MTV

With yourself, I think you have to decide the kind of person that you really want to be, and for me, it's just a sweet girl.
by:Miley Cyrus

Below is a video with Miley Cyrus being so stereotype.

For Miley Cyrus fans, there is a widget that you can place it anywhere, iGoogle, Netvibes etc. with continuously updated Flickr pics of Miley Cyrus.

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