18 April 2008

Google Trends 18 apr 08 - homicide report (Deathbook)

Photobucket Jill Leovy, is a blogger who keeps an online log for all L.A. homicides. She investigates, does research and today she got on the front pages of news agencies for her activity. I looked at her blog and I got this idea, of making a social networking for for underground life (and death). Let's call this social network "Deathbook". In this network, instead of activities, people would post pictures of the friends who got killed, and obituaries. Maybe this joke looks horrible, but take a look at one of her posts:

Mar Vista homicide "Mar Vista: A Latino man was shot and killed at 4506 S. Slauson Ave. near the Mar Vista area at about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, April 15. According to Los Angeles police spokeswoman Ana Aguirre, the man was shot while riding his bicycle. She said a dark Ford SUV drove next to the man and then someone from inside the vehicle shot him. The man was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Aguirre said. Update: Police have identified the Latino man as Vidal Jose Ventura-Jimenez, 24."
And here is how she got on the news agencies eye:

For more than a year, Leovy made it her job to document every homicide in Los Angeles County. It had never been done before. Like most big-city newspapers, the one Leovy works for -- The Los Angeles Times -- reports only the most "newsworthy" cases. But those killings, elementary school drive-bys and celebrity murders only account for 10 percent of the county's homicides, Leovy found. She wanted to go deeper, to put a human face on the toll homicide was taking, particularly in L.A.'s black and Latino communities. "The Web offered what the paper did not: unlimited space," Leovy wrote in a front-page story summarizing her year as creator and the first blogger for The Homicide Report.

Source: CNN
It's sort of awful to think of people being murdered and nobody seeing it.
by:Jill Leovy

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