08 April 2008

Youtube 08 apr 08 - Africa stealing your taxes

burning cross
A controversial video has been posted today on Youtube about Christianity and the western civilization, putting Christians in a "burning" image. The user who posted this video links to a few atheist websites which will be quoted below.

The Christian missionary mindset is generally depicted as that of simple religious folk with a pure desire to peacefully spread their gospel and message of love. In reality, their methods of propagation are often anything but peaceful and usually leave behind a native population stripped of their culture and often decimated. With Christianity failing in the west, the evangelists seek new and greener fields in the poor and uneducated sections of third world countries, backed by huge coffers from the less zealous, who are nonetheless convinced that to bring civilization and religion to the poor natives is a noble cause, even if they don't want it. Missionaries often intermix military campaigns with missionary campaigns in their fervor to "civilize the heathens," who are often simple happy natives, whose only crime is that they are not Christians. Source: The Burning Cross

I am African and i am an Athiest
by:HellAirways (video's uploader)

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