07 April 2008

Olyimpic torch relay - Paris

Olympic torch extinguished in Paris, 7 apr '08 -- this is a day to remember as the day when the Olympic torch was the first time in history extinguished. With a good cause probably, these people can be proud not for carrying the torch, but for the extinguish of the torch.

"The traditional global relay carrying the Olympic torch to the site of the Games is supposed to convey the inextinguishable vigor of the Olympic spirit. But the Chinese are finding it instead a symbolic disaster. The running of the torch in London Sunday was marred by attempts by human rights protesters to extinguish its fire, but on Monday in Paris the ceremony became an outright farce: security officials doused the flame twice in the face of demonstrations to block its progress, and wound up driving it to the end-of-day handoff ceremony at Charl├ęty Stadium on the edge of the city when the tormented relay was cancelled at mid-course. As the torch moves on to San Francisco and Buenos Aires before heading back to Africa and Asia, the organizers of this summer's Beijing Games are facing a grim prospect: that the protests denouncing China's human rights record in Tibet and elsewhere could mount as the torch continues its 85,000 mile, 20-nation voyage."
Source: Time.com

To be continued along the Olympic torch relay

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