22 April 2008

Who's first on the web

Photobucket Just wondering who's first and where on the social networks and I've made a quick search on google. Here it is. The algorithm is this: first user,image,blog,video etc. which appears on google when is searched the name of the network. For example, try to search 'facebook' on the google and look at the first profile that appears in results.

Myspace: Nine inch nails

Facebook: Barack Obama

Flickr: Wedding

Friendster: Dennis Paul

Hi5: Chris

LinkedIn: Barack Obama

Bebo: John Edwards

Xanga: John Edwards

Photobucket: sircuddlesGHII

LiveSpaces: Nine Million Children Refugees

Digg: MrBabyMan

IGN: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Trailer, Videos and Movies

Technorati: Boing Boing

Blogger: PostSecret

Wordpress: Planet

Typepad: Seth Godin

Finally, Youtube: Dance Evolution

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