23 December 2008

Porque tan serio ?

wanna be a hero ?

While thinking at Tina Fey's scar, I remembered about Heath Ledger's fantastic act in Dark Knight, in the joker's role and his explanation for his scars. I'm not fooled easily by movie scenes, but he got me bad. At his first statement I was convinced about his scars, but after seing the second statement I felt like I was one of his victims.
In one month from now will take place '2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards' and Heath Ledger is nominated for 'Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role'. I didn't even bother to check who can defeat him, but who will be defeated: Josh Brolin for Milk, Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder, Philip Seymour Hoffman for Doubt and Dev Patel for Slumdog Millionaire. Why will Heath Leger win ? Because he made history in movies with his act in 'Dark Knight' and because the awards are taking place at one year from Ledger's death.
In the above photo you can see Che Guevara saying 'Porque tan serio', which in english means, as you probably guessed, 'Why so serious', the line that stepped into history just like Godfather's famous scenes. I'm sure that Heath Ledger did not intend to become a hero, but the events made him the role-model of our generation. He died right after finishing a succesful movie and he couldn't taste the victory; that is drama and is real. So now you understand the smile from Che Guevara's face. Actually 'Heath Ledger' was searched 7 times more than 'Che Guevara' on the internet in 2008 (according to google trends).
In the video below you can see the scene where Heaath Ledger is filmed so close, that you can see every move of his eyebrow and his tongue in details. Such scenes are rare these days, because the actor or the actress must perform very well in order to be filmed that close.

becoming a hero

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