22 July 2008

X - Files: I Want To Believe

X Files: I Want To Believe
Just two days from now till X Files: I Want To Believe will reach the screens and the frenzy have begun on the Internet. It will be a surprise ? The series were impressing, but the last screen movie wasn't what was expected to be. Mulder and Scully were fighting against a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth. It was a little bit far from the series and that was maybe because it had to be more than an episode. But this time... you figure it out. There are more trailers for the movie, and I chose the one below. In one of these trailers was a funny scene between Mulder and Scully which reminds me more of Jackie Chan's movies where most of the time the characters were fighting, but in a particular scene they look 'intelligent' too.

"We want to believe in the audience"
By David Duchovny

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