14 July 2008

Remote Area Medical

tooth extraction at Remote Area Medical clinic   Looks like a good news for at least of a few cities around Blount County The US insurance issues are popular around the world just like its military power. Although  is a good news, this organization shows how desperate is the medical system in US.

" Remote Area Medical (RAM) -- an organization that provides free medical services for un- and under-insured individuals through volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from all over the country -- held a free clinic in Blount County Saturday and today. The group offered free medical, vision and dental services for people who could not afford them otherwise.
People from as far away as Kentucky -- and some even farther than that -- made their way to the clinic Saturday. "

(PHOTO)Dr. Andy Young, from University of Tennessee Medical Center, prepares a patient for a tooth extraction Saturday at Heritage Middle School during the Remote Area Medical clinic.

Source: The Daily Times

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