16 July 2008

Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake
In the past few days, "Wolf Lake" was in the attention of the media for two events. First is the Fish Fest which should take place this weekend and is highly anticipated. For who doesn't know or is too lazy to search, Wolf Lake is in Michigan. The second is that this city was hit earlier by a tornado. Is true that the tornado didn't hit too bad, so I guess that this would be (almost)free advertising . Here is a crop from a message that talks about the fish fest:

It’s that time of year again when you can take the kids down to the ol’ fishin’ hole for a chance at reeling in a steelhead trout or possibly a muskie. The Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery will celebrate its 9th Annual Fish Festival this weekend with a full-scale celebration.
Source:Kalamazoo Weekly

And here is the other crop, about the tornado:
The Butler and Wolf Lake areas reported rotation at 4:26 pm, with hail at Wolf Lake. A tornado was spotted 3 miles northwest of Wolf Lake.
Source:The Frazee Forum

Ok, is true, the two news are not related, because the second refers to a different 'Wolf Lake', but it wasn't that a weird relation between the cities ?! Lucky ones, does people from Pitcairn Island (which are about 50) because they own their Fish Fest every day and they have their own tornado (a while ago, Pitcairn Island was also on the front news, read more here).Even more, they have a prison there, so why not Pitcairn Island ?!

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